The One with Day 1 of #16

Happy 2014, peeps! Did everyone have a nice holiday? I did! I got to spend two days at my parents’ house for Christmas, followed by two more days at my grandparents’ house. I ate good food, got some wonderful gifts (including a brand new camera, so I can take nicer blog photos!!!), played hours of cards, and just enjoyed being with my family. It was a great Christmas.

Kitties on catnip


Christmas at Grandma’s


Christmas lights in LaCrosse


Minnesota snow

For New Year’s, both my sisters were in town and I invited some friends over. It was the best NYE celebration that has ever existed…PJ themed. There was good food (again), a Mulan viewing and sing-along, a heated game of Monopoly, and a champagne toast followed by “The One with the Routine.” Also, it snowed the whole next day, so I got one more day of lazy with my sisters and rewatched season 3 of Once Upon a Time.


Me and Bryan trying to stay awake…because we’re old


Our only group photo…fancy feets.

So, what’s new with me in 2014? 

I got myself a roommate! My friend, Tyler, is living with me for a few months. I haven’t had a roommate since college, so it’s definitely been weird having someone else at my house all the time. Pros: he cleans, takes care of Stella and Charlee when I’m gone, and helps me shovel snow. Cons: he talks a lot. And is very mean during Monopoly. Overall, he’s a keeper. 95% of the time. Maybe 80% of the time…

I also started remodeling my bedroom. I haven’t done anything to it since I moved in. I have a hard time spending money on myself for big projects, but I sucked it up and got myself a new comforter and curtains, and rearranged my furniture. More fun things to come…

 Lastly, I’ve set my New Year’s resolutions…

1. Maintain my weight and tone up. (Basically, keep doing what I’m doing. And maybe throw in a little extra strengthening.)

2. Live the life I want to and stop worrying about what other people expect. (Easier said than done, but I’m going to work on it!)

3. I’m going to keep this one to myself for awhile. I’ll let you in on it eventually, but it’s a big commitment, so I want to make sure I stick to it first. 🙂

4. Lastly, cross at least 8 things off my list this year. 

In the spirit of resolutions,  I just completed day 1 of hoola hooping! (#16 on my list is to hoola hoop daily for a whole month.) In true over-achiever form, I am using my weighted hoola hoop. If you’ve never used a weighted hoola hoop before, they hurt like hell for the first few days. I was only going to do it for 2 minutes today and I ended up sticking it out was tricked by Tyler into doing it for 4. Woot woot! I’m hoping to increase my time by a minute each day. Wish me luck! It’s gonna be great!

I’m so ready for this…





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