The One with the First Four Months

Oh, hey there everybody! It’s me. I’m back. And ready for round two! Now, just in case, you’re new: welcome! Here’s a little backstory about me, my blog, and this fantastic list you’re about to hear a lot about.

My name is Steph and I’m 26 years old.


Actually, 26 1/3…but I’ll get to that. I teach dance, am crazy sarcastic, and love a good cheesecake. Really, that’s all you need to know about me. Also, that I’ve been blessed with the most amazing friends a girl could ever have. One of those amazing friends is Ria. Ria moved to Australia after getting married to an awesome guy in January of 2012. When I had my 25th birthday that March, it was the first since the move. Instead of sending me a box of goodies, which I vetoed due to international shipping costs, Ria created a list of 25 things I needed to accomplish before turning 26. I finished that list with great success, and I think it’s fair to say, it changed my life completely. Like when Peter Parker gets bit by the spider…the list was my spider. (FYI, I hate spiders…but I do love Spiderman.)

Now, I know what you may be thinking: my birthday was in March and it’s now July. What the hell have I been doing for four months? A lot of things, which I’ll get to in a second, but not the list. See, I don’t have the list quite yet. It’s coming…it’s just not here. Ria and I have had many a conversation about it…firstly, deciding how many things would be on it. Here’s what we she came up with: there will be 33 things on the next list. I have to choose 30 of them, which I have the next 3.66 years to complete. Once I turn 30, I have until my 35th birthday to complete the remaining three. That in itself took forever to decide, but since then, Ria has been busy being married, moving into a new house, kicking ass at her new job…all acceptable reasons for the list not being done. 🙂 It’ll get here soon. I’m in no rush because, as I mentioned, I’ve been busy! So here’s a quick list of what I’ve been up to since finishing the first list…

1. My preschool babies graduated! It was actually very bittersweet for me this year because it was my last preschool graduation. As of May 23rd, I am no longer teaching preschool. My boss was very kind in allowing me to focus all my attention on the dance program. While I’ll miss my babies, I’m really excited to have extra prep time for my dance classes…and to not work 11 hour days anymore!

2. We had our annual dance recital. It was the best one yet…I can’t even describe to you how kick-ass it was! I mean, just look at this picture:

 That was my tornado in “The Wizard of Oz.” Kick. Ass.

 3. I spent 4 weeks in physical therapy…yaaaaaaaah! No worries, I’m ok. I hurt my back awhile ago and never let it heal, so I spent time with an awesome PT, learning lots of exercises to work on strengthening my core. It’s helping a lot and I have a whole bunch of new exercises to use in dance class! Win-win!

4. I’ve been doing mini projects around the house, which has been super fun! I’ve hung up a lot of art work, made small improvements to my yard, and learned how to caulk a tub. This girl’s got skillz.

5. I joined eHarmony. I hadn’t planned on really sharing that, but it was such a BAD experience, I figured, why not?! I lasted 10 days before wanting to close my account, which, I found out, you can’t actually do. Sigh. But hey, I learned that people who look compatible on paper can really clash in person, there are (weird) people out there that hate movies, and that eHarmony recommends lying about yourself if you can’t find a person you like. Classy.

6. I’ve spent a lot of time enjoying the company of my friends, my family, my cats, and myself. It’s been beyond excellent!

So, that’s that! You’re all caught up on my life. I’m excited for this next adventure, and I hope you are too. Stay tuned for the actual list (which I’ll post in its entirety this time!) and all the other crazy that happens to me. It’s going to be an exciting ride!


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