The One with the List (SERIOUSLY!)

Guys. GUYS. GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s here. The list is here. The most anticipated thing in my life over these past few months, and that includes the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. (Which I’ve had ten of…not that I’m counting.) It took all of my self control not to call in sick today so I could get started. Now, without further ado, here it is…minus additional Ria commentary. Because I’m selfish and would like to keep some things to myself. 🙂

30 Things Before I Turn 30/5 Things Before I Turn 35
1. Throw a surprise party
2. Make a list of 5 things I learned as a kid that I would like to teach my kids
3. Learn how to pack for a two week trip in one carry-on bag (Uh…say what?!)
4. Learn how to care for myself. Give myself a pamper day once every 6 months.
5. On April 19th, every year, go outside and try counting the stars.
6. Figure out your regrets from the past ten years and either fix it or throw it away.
7. Learn how to fix one thing in my car that I don’t already know how to fix.
8. Figure out my 30 minute jump start routine. (Ex: If I got asked on a date with 30 minutes to get ready and I was still in my PJs, what would I do?)
9. Use a drill
10. Grow a plant I can feed off of. Keep it going for at least a year.
11. Do my own taxes. Completely. Fully.
12. What is the “melt your heart” Steph meal? Figure it out. Cook it for someone special.
13. Write a letter to each member of my immediate family.
14. Get a pen pal in another country.
15. Do something that scares me-something physical. Ria examples: bungee jumping, skydiving, petting a cow (Side note: I hate cows. I HATE cows.)
16. Hula hoop daily, for one month straight.
17. Figure out “my” karaoke song and sing it in public.
18. Learn a new kind of dance. One that I don’t already know or teach. Ria’s suggestion: the tango
19. Write a book.
20. Meditate once a week, for 10 minutes, for at least 6 months. Pick a word, Bible verse or an image and train my mind to block everything else out.
21. Read the whole Bible. (Even if it takes 3 years.)
22. Go to a new restaurant every 3 months. Order something I wouldn’t normally order and write a review on it.
23. Go on a mission trip to another country.
24. Make a list of my irrational fears. Share them with a friend, and be less afraid.
25. Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day.
26. Buy myself a piece of jewelry that represents where I am in my life. Wear it.
27. Let it go.
28. Once a year, go to an open space and scream as loud as I can.
29. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
30. Take a class. Any class.
31. Send a stranger in a hospital some flowers.
32. Interview three generations of couples I most admire and get their top marriage advice. Keep it close.
33. Go to Australia
34. Foster a dog
35. Make my own business cards…even if it’s just for fun.
So, here’s the deal. The next thing I have to do is decide which 30 things I do before I’m 30, and which things will happen before I’m 35. I already have a few ideas, but want to take a little time to think it over. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “The One with the List (SERIOUSLY!)

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