The One with the Updates

I’m having a serious dilemma. I went to Bath and Body Works yesterday and stocked up on all the fall scents. (Pumpkin Caramel Latte, Salty Caramel, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles…) Anyway, I have a Pumpkin Cupcake wallflower plugged into the living room and it smells DIVINE. However, I drool every time I sit on the couch. So…do I let myself drool all over or just unplug it? Drool or unplug? Drool or unplug? Sigh…fall problems.

Dance classes start next week.  Where did all the time go?! Again, I had big plans for my summer, and again, I didn’t do everything I wanted to do. But, I did do better this year. Since it’s my final week of summer, I thought I’d do a quick update on my old list. If you’re new to the whole “list” thing, check out my other blog here.

1. Close on a house: So, I freaking love being a homeowner. It’s the best. Except I just had to replace my water heater. That wasn’t so much fun. Also, a chipmunk got into my house over the summer. I still don’t know how that happened.

He’s hiding between the two pictures.

Other than that, everything has been good. I’ve been decorating more and spending entirely too much time on Pinterest, planning out future projects. I love it. My house is the best. 🙂

6. Get down to a size 6: so…here’s the thing. A size 6 at one place is not the same size everywhere else. Case in point: I bought two pairs of jeans yesterday from the SAME store. One is an 8 and one is a 12. When you hold them up together, they’re pretty much the same size. So, I don’t exactly know what my “number” is. But, that aside, I’m feeling really good. I weighed myself a few weeks ago, and I’m down almost 25 pounds from before Ria’s wedding! Holy shit, right?! I can’t believe it either! At this time last year, I was consistently wearing a medium, and now I’m consistently wearing a small. I haven’t been exercising as much lately, but that will change next week. I also gave up Mountain Dew for a little bit. That might change next week, too… Bottom line, I feel fantastic!

See how fantastic I look?!

 8. NOT have my job be the center of my life: I had my first back-to-school dream last night. It was me teaching my first class of the night. Let’s just say that in the “45 minutes” that went by in my dream, I yelled, I had to step into the hallway to calm down, I had to ask a parent to please remove their dog from the studio, one of the dancers broke my brand-new iPod, and the students were talking so much that we didn’t even do any dancing. I woke up shaking….aside from that, it’s going really well!

9. Get my yard looking presentable: Remember how I had a whole list of things that I wanted to do in the next 5 years? Well, I’m on my way. So far this year, I’ve replaced my path lighting, bought lighting for my privacy fence, removed two thorn bushes from the front yard (thanks Dad!), and have cleared out most of the “compost bin” in the backyard. When the weather cools down a bit, I’m going to tear out the flower bed in the back corner of my yard to make room for a veggie garden in the spring. I’m also planning to rip out a bunch of ugly plants in the front flower bed so I can plant pretty ones next year. Pictures to come! 🙂

19. Go to church consistently: I’m actually making a bit of progress! I’ve gone 6-7 times this summer, and although it’s not consistent, I’m more open-minded to going consistently. Woot!

21. Making pizza from scratch: remember my little cousins that came to visit last summer? They came to visit 2 weeks ago and requested homemade pizza again. Just the thought of it gave me a panic attack. But, a new crust recipe and some parchment paper saved the day. There wasn’t any smoke. There wasn’t any smoke detector emergencies. My cats didn’t go into hiding. I’d call that a success.

25. Meet the man of my dreams: Boys are stupid. The end.

So, that’s that. You’re all updated on, well, everything! No new list yet (Ria doesn’t have Internet at her new house yet) but I bet it’s coming soon. 🙂  Stay tuned…


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