The One with Me Just Saying Hi (Plus…PRESENTS!)

Happy Wednesday night, everyone! I don’t have anything new to report; I just wanted to say hi. I was reminiscing tonight and was looking through my original list…long story short, it made me want to write something. Even though I don’t have much to say. So, I thought I’d make two announcements, pose a question, and give you some presents, out of the goodness of my heart. Yes? Yes. Because who doesn’t like presents?

So, announcement #1: if you remember waaaaaaaay back, I am supposed to count the stars on April 19th. As in Saturday. I’ll be in Minnesota, the great tundra. Pray for me. This should be an excellent post. I’m talking “me killing bugs and crying about it” excellent. Get excited.

Announcement #2: the new blog (Table for One) is off to a great start! Why is that important? Well…as it’s going to lead to a super fabulous cookbook written by yours truly, I’d say that’s pretty damn important and exciting! Want to keep up with what I’m doing and try some awesome recipes? Click above, or find me on Facebook!

Ok, now the question…#15 on my list is to do something that scares me, something physical. My question is: would you rather see me do one, big scary thing, or several smaller scary things? I have some options…though I’m open to suggestions.

Now, presents. As a thank you for reading my blog, I wanted to share some blogs I love with you! Please check these out and give them some love!

Phone Photos Dec12 207


Lessons from My Dog Kids

Written by one of my best friends, she chronicles all the crazy things my doggy nephews and niece do!

If you love dogs even a little, you will really enjoy this blog. It just cracks me up!

August 2013 002

Pleats and Pearls

I know what you’re thinking…who’s the fabulous lady snuggling that adorable cat?

That’s my baby sister, author of Pleats and Pearls. She is a Midwest fashion blogger. Her blog is EXCELLENT! Check it out!

Alright folks, it’s late so I’m off to bed. Have a happy Easter and we’ll talk soon. xoxo


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