9. Use a Drill

Single friends! Have you ever been painfully aware of just how single you are? I’m not dating right now (I’m not really looking) but tonight, as I was pulling my hair out of my shower drain, after paying bills, making dinner, hanging laundry, taking out the garbage, and grocery shopping, I realized that I am very single…and very ok with it. Except for the hair in the drain part. Gross.

I used a drill. For the very first time! Well, that’s not entirely true…we have a new-ish exhibit at work called the “Think Shop.” It’s a fully functional workshop with 18 stations, real tools, and the opportunity for kids to get to build and create with their families. It’s pretty cool. Anyway, we have some hand-crank drills, which I’ve used a billion times, but last week was the first time I got to use a  power drill. 

Let’s flashback to May 2012. I’m moving into my house, getting settled, and I noticed that one of the mini-blinds in my kitchen has a broken…slat? Is that what you call it? I have no idea. Anyway, one of the…slats…was being held together by a piece of Scotch tape. The tape was doing a good job, and mini-blinds were the least of my problems at that point. (Remember toe nail clippings in drawers? And bugs? Scary bugs?) So, I left it where it was. Fast forward to a few months ago, and the tape finally rips. I attempted to repair it with more Scotch tape. No such luck. Apparently, the previous owners of my house had a special magic tape, which I did not have, so I opted to just throw away the part of the slat that had broken off and live with it. Last week, I looked at the blinds, looked at myself, and decided I could live like this no longer. It was time to replace the mini-blinds. Now, of course, Wal-Mart didn’t have the size I needed, so I drove to the new Menard’s. (Side note: that place is a palace! I could literally set up a cot in the back and live there and no one would ever know!!!) I found my blinds, got them cut to size, and went home to install them. I was so excited about the new blinds that I took the old ones down and immediately threw them away. It was then that I took the new mini-blinds out of the box and realized that they were completely different from what I previously had and that I’d have to install a whole new…thing…to keep them up. A blind fixture? A blind-hanging apparatus? Hell if I know. I looked at the directions and saw I needed a drill, which I don’t own. I knew my friend, Elizabeth, would be coming over later in the week for dinner, so I asked her to bring her drill. I figured this would be a fun “girls’ night” project. And it was…kind of. I did sweat a lot…


My blindless kitchen window


The new blinds, ready to go!


Elizabeth drilled the first hole to show me how it’s done


…I was shaking. And sweating. You know, because drilling is stressful


Drilling like a pro


…that’s about right.


My beautiful, finished blinds!!!

So, I’m basically amazing with a drill now. Feel free to hire me for all your drilling needs. On an unrelated note, guess who I get to see in exactly TWO WEEKS?! That’s right; the lovely lady who is the mastermind behind the list, Ria! I haven’t seen her in over 2 1/2 years, so I could not be more excited! Yay!



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