The One with the First Year

Happy anniversary to me! Today marks one year since receiving the second list. My 30 before 30. I honestly can’t believe it’s been a whole year…probably because I never blog and I’ve barely crossed anything off my list! But I’ll get to that… The year started on September 19, 2013, which was 6 months to the day since my 26th birthday. Ria had been promising me my list for awhile at that point, but on that day, it finally arrived. I remember reading through it for the first time and thinking, oh shit. She didn’t exactly make it easy on me. If you need a refresher course on the list, check it out here. There wasn’t a single thing on the list that I could do on a whim. Everything was going to require thought, and a good chunk of time. Wait. Make that a GREAT chunk of time. Fast forward to 4 weeks ago. I was in Chicago, seeing Ria for the first time in 2 and a half years. The first time since the list originated.


It was as though no time had passed. We did all of “our” things, talked about everything under the sun, hugged more times than I can possibly count…it was an amazing, amazing time. And then Ria asked how the list was going. Uh…terribly. I suck at this list. That’s how it’s going. I suck, I suck, I suck. I’ve barely crossed anything off, I haven’t even thought about some of these things, and I write maybe every 6 weeks. I suck. Except here’s the thing. As we were talking about the list and what I have left, I realized something…I don’t suck. I’m actually kinda kicking this list’s ass.

What I’ve Crossed Off

2. Make a list of 5 things I learned as a kid that I would like to teach my kids

9. Use a drill

16. Hula hoop daily, for one month straight.

27. Let it go. (The hair!!!)

What I Can’t Cross Off, But Have Been Doing Faithfully

4. Learn how to care for myself. Give myself a pamper day once every 6 months. (I’m actually due for one this month!)
5. On April 19th, every year, go outside and try counting the stars.

22. Go to a new restaurant every 3 months. Order something I wouldn’t normally order and write a review on it. (Also due for this one this month…who wants to go eat some food?)

What’s In the Works

15. Do something that scares me-something physical.

19. Write a book. (My hope is to be able to write a cookbook before I turn 35. I’m starting with a cooking blog! If you haven’t visited “Table for One” yet, check it out here!)

What I’m Doing Tomorrow

28. Once a year, go to an open space and scream as loud as I can.(Yes, I know, I’m a day late…but it’s my list and I’ll do what I want!!!)

Ok, that’s a third of my list! And, I still have 2 1/2 years left! So, as terribly as I thought I was doing, I’m really not. I’m going to try to be more optimistic about my progress from now on. 🙂 I also promise to get better at this blogging thing.

Before I go, a few quick updates…

*School has started again and…I’m teaching preschool again! I missed my little kiddos so much, and am so happy to be back in the classroom.

*We hired another dance teacher! After all my back pain last year, I was totally on board with us hiring someone to take over the hip hop program. As much as I love it, I love having earlier nights and less back pain even more.

*When I’m not working or trying out new blog recipes, I’m either sleeping, snuggling kitties, or watching “How I Met Your Mother,” which I just started last week. And I’m already halfway through season 2. Oops.

Until next time,