24. Make a list of my irrational fears. Share them with a friend, and be less afraid.

Happy 2015, everyone! When I last left you, I was ready to kiss 2014 good-bye. It had been a hard year, and I was ready to let it go. Now, I don’t want to speak too soon, since we’re only 25 days into the New Year, but 2015 is kicking 2014’s ass! A lot of it has had to do with my goal to adopt a positive mindset. I’ve been doing everything I can to live these past 25 days positively, whether that be creating my positive mindset jar with little notes I’ve written myself or taking a bubble bath after a long day. So far, so good. I’ve been spending more time with my friends, less time focusing on stress, and putting more focus on me. Why didn’t I figure this all out sooner?!

One of the first things I wanted to do in 2015 was to be less afraid, so I made myself a list of ALL my fears. Every single, ridiculous one. I was actually surprised at how short it was…I was expecting 20+ things, but in reality, I think I only had about 10. I had a FaceTime date with Ria a few weeks ago, and I shared the list with her. There was some giggling, some questions, and some contemplation, but, shockingly, no crying. I KNOW! Me, not crying? Crazy! I feel a lot better after sharing the list with Ri, and, although I’m sure it will take time, I’m starting to be a little less afraid…of some things.

I contemplated sharing my whole list on the blog, but decided against it.  Instead, I selected two fears that I’m sure will give you all a nice laugh. You’re welcome. You should also know that finding the accompanying photos really stressed me out. I’m not going to cry, since I’m trying to be less afraid, but I may definitely need a glass of wine after that.

1. Animatronics

Yes. That is correct. Chuck E. Cheese, Disney World, moving robot things. I hate them, and they scare the bejesus out of me. I don’t like things that move that shouldn’t be moving. Specifically things that I can’t take out with a swift kick, should they decide to go rogue. Like…

blog 2

No. Just no.

FI.Rainforest gorilla..CC

Um, no thanks.


Ok, that’s good. Really. We can be done now.

blog 4

What the hell?! NO!

2. Dinosaurs

Ok. I know what you’re thinking. They’re extinct. They can’t hurt me. Blah blah blah. But have you ever actually stopped to think how freaky dinosaurs are? I mean, REALLY?! And, if it’s an animatronic dinosaur…I’m done. I’m just done. True story: we had a dinosaur exhibit at the museum several summers back. I came to work one day through the loading dock and came face to face with a pterodactyl. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so loudly or run so fast in my life. I got special permission to use a different entrance into the building for the duration of the exhibit. I’m not kidding. Dinosaurs are no joke.


This is flat out unacceptable. What the hell is this crap?!


The person crying behind you at “Jurassic Park?” Yup, that was me.




Yes. Even this crappy ass dinosaur at Wall Drug in South Dakota scares me. My fear knows no bounds.

T-Rex at the Jurassic Park Ride


Well, there you go. I’m hoping to conquer both these fears at some point so that I’m not the lame mom who won’t take her kids to, well, anywhere kids like to go. These were probably the two most irrational on my list. 🙂 Thanks for allowing me to share with you, and an even bigger thank you to Ria, who had to hear my entire ridiculous list. I love you all.



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