5. On April 19th, every year- go outside and try counting the stars (Round 2!)

Happy Wednesday, friends! I hope you are having an excellent week! I am, but I am already wishing it was Friday. I am 5 weeks away from preschool graduation and 6 weeks away from our recital, so I feel like 90% of my time during the week is spent thinking about one or the other. Not that I mind; I love my preschool babies, and I am SO excited for our show this year, but I am definitely in need of some down time…preferably, that doesn’t include cleaning the house. Other than that, life is good! The weather has been great for the most part, so I’ve started walking again. I just finished up my musical at Davenport North. It was wonderful, and such a great experience, but I’m excited to have my Friday afternoons back! I am slowly, but surely, getting the hang of this homeowner thing. And, I finally got my “regular” status back at Starbucks! (My favorite barista, who knew all my orders, left over the summer, and things have not been the same. Sigh.) Oh, and Grey’s Anatomy has gotten good again. So, I can’t ask for much more. 🙂 Life is good…

…except I really hope that cloudy weather is not a trend for April 19th, because, for the second year in a row, it was. Oh, and super rainy.


For the second year in a row, I geared myself up to count all the stars in the sky. I initially checked at 9pm. The rain had slowed down a bit, and it was finally dark, but there were too many clouds. So, I tried again at 10. Unfortunately, it was raining hard again, so I had to do the counting from my bedroom window. Zero. Zero was my number. I sat for about ten minutes, hoping the sky would magically open up like last year, but alas, no luck! I was not happy, but also, really tired, so I went to bed.


The view from my bedroom window


My lovely window screen…and no stars

I decided to check the sky before bed on Monday, just to see if there would be any stars. It had just finished raining and was cloudy again. But, I managed to see 8 very faint stars. I tried to get a picture, but that didn’t go so well. “Oh well,” I told myself, “there’s always next year.”

Last night was my late night at work. I finish rehearsal at 9pm, but one of my dancers didn’t get picked up until 9:20, so it was almost 9:30 before I got to my car to go home. I glanced up at the sky as I crossed the parking lot and it was BEAUTIFUL! The sky was so clear and the stars were all shining brightly. The moon was a perfect thumbnail. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t spend my drive home on the phone, or thinking about what I wanted for dinner, or what I needed to do at work the next day. I just drove in silence, staring up into the sky…and at the road. I’m not a bad driver, I promise. 🙂 About halfway home, I was stopped at a very long stoplight. I looked up just in time to see a shooting star! I haven’t seen one in years, so it was really a special moment.

I think I really needed that quiet moment in my car. Since I was driving, I didn’t actually count the stars (there were too many), but it really put some things in perspective for me. As I said above, life has been good lately…so good. But even so, I feel like it’s been “fast and furious.” Fast and furious is my new term that I’m using, rather than busy or stressed. I think saying either of those words, at least for me, leaves me feeling even more stressed. So, I say “fast and furious.” Anyway, I digress. Sitting in my car, looking at the sky…things weren’t fast and furious. They were quiet. They were peaceful. For a minute, time seemed to stop, and it didn’t matter what my to-do list looked like, or that my back was hurting, or that I had a basket full of laundry waiting for me at home. It was just…time. And that’s exactly what I needed on April 21st.



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