20. Meditate once a week, for 10 minutes, for at least 6 months

I feel like today is what all Sundays should be. I got to sleep in, went to a great church service, ran some errands, had lunch, mowed the lawn and put out new solar lights in the backyard, finished dishes and laundry, had a phone date with Erica, made dinner, watched “Once Upon a Time,” finished a little bit of work, snuggled with both kitties, and now I’m laying on a heating pad, eating peanut M&Ms and drinking moscato. I don’t want to brag, but…my life is kinda awesome.

So, I started meditating! When I originally saw this on the list, I decided not to plan it. I had a feeling I would just know when it was time to meditate, and I was right! I had a bit of a tough week last week. My back was hurting, which made work tough, Stella and Charlee were fighting, I got some water in my basement…it was just a lot of little stuff. Anyway, by Wednesday, I was exhausted, and definitely feeling the weight of the week. It was time. I had downloaded some relaxation apps on my phone a few weeks prior, so I decided to start there and give one of them a try. I went through all the apps and decided on one called, “Breathe.” (It’s free on iTunes; check it out!)


So, “Breathe” starts by having you check in with yourself and rate how you’re feeling physically and mentally. Then, you can pick up to 5 emotions to go with how you are feeling in the moment, and they suggest a meditation for you to do. The meditations last between 3-10 minutes. I’ve done 5 in the last 11 days, and I’ve liked them all so far! I do them right before I go to bed, and I’ve noticed that I’m sleeping a lot better! It also helps me to focus my mind for the night, and to put my worries aside. This is the one I did last night:


Although the list says I only need to meditate once a week, I’ve decided to do them as needed, which will probably be more like 2-3 times a week. One of my personal goals this year is to work on an overall positive mindset, and I really feel that the meditating is going to help. I may not stick with the app the whole 6 months…I’m just going to take it as it goes. I have discovered one challenge to meditating so far: Stella. No matter where she is in the house, she runs to my bedroom when she hears the meditation, and walks all over me and purrs. I’d shut the door, but they both bang on it if I’m inside. So, I guess I’m going to have to figure out how to be zen with a cat sitting on my face.

Does anyone else out there meditate? Do you use an app? Have you trained yourself? Please share all your meditation secrets!

Until next time,



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