22. Go to a new restaurant every 3 months: The Healthy Hub

Hey friends! I am having a perfect Sunday night. It’s raining, chilly enough for me to curl up under a blanket, Stella and Charlee are extra cuddly, I had an awesome dinner (homemade chicken parm with couscous, warm bread, and a caesar salad), and I’m listening to “How I Met Your Mother” reruns while I blog. I wish I could freeze time and do this all week. It’s officially my “end of the year marathon.” Preschool graduation is 11 days away, recital is 20 days away, I have graduation gifts/recital gifts/end of the year gifts to purchase, all while I attempt to maintain my sanity and not let the impending season finale of “Scandal” stress me out. I feel more at ease this year than I usually do, but it’s still a lot to cram into a short amount of time. Wish me luck.

So, if you’re keeping track, I’m a little late on this post. (Are you really surprised?) I do have a good reason…which I’ll get to. Patience. 🙂 Anyway, I’ve been struggling to choose a new restaurant lately, because I’m content with all my usual spots. Except when I’m at work. There are several places to eat by the Museum, but nothing that I want to have on a regular basis. I used to always get Mexican, but my take-out has been cold the last two times I’ve ordered. There is a good pizza place and a Culver’s, but when I want something light, my choices are pretty limited. A few months ago, my dancers told me about a shake place across the street. All I knew was that they made healthy shakes and they were good. So, two weeks ago, I decided to try it out. It was a Wednesday morning and I had a bunch of errands to run, so I figured I’d grab a shake for breakfast. Now, let me start by saying, I was feeling a little “off” when I woke up. That will be important later.


I had absolutely no idea what to expect. The inside of the shop was pretty sparse. There were two ladies working, and three people inside getting shakes. I felt weird whipping out my phone to take pictures inside, so…I didn’t. They have a counter where you order your shake. Across from that is a small seating area. There is also a small counter with various teas. The back half of the shop is multi-purpose. They offer classes back there, from nutrition education to Zumba. Anyway, I walked up to the counter and told the lady I didn’t know what I was doing. Thankfully, she didn’t laugh, but talked me through what to do. She said that their tagline is “fast food for the healthy person” and that all their shakes have 23 different vitamins and nutrients. There are about 40 different kinds of shakes, broken into categories like “chocolate” and “cookie.” But before I got to that, she gave me a shot of aloe juice. Normally, I would have been super skeptical (I mean, it’s ALOE), but one of my friends recently started drinking aloe to help with stomach issues, so I didn’t think twice. The aloe had a hint of mango, and it was delicious! The lady behind the counter also told me that aloe is great for your hair and skin. Then, she gave me a slip of paper to place my order on. Each shake comes with a 16 oz hot or cold tea. There are 4 choices, and I opted for a cold raspberry tea. She said the tea is 5 calories, but burns 80 in your system. I’m on board with that! She told me a lot of other things about the tea, aloe juice, and shakes, but I’m gonna be honest…I don’t remember anything else that she said. Anyway, I’m a little picky about tea, but it was delicious! I had a hard time choosing a shake, so I asked the lady to decide for me. She told me to get their #25- “P’s Brownie Batter.” She also suggested I get natural peanut butter in it. Now, I don’t normally let other people choose my order, but since it’s something I don’t do, I decide to go with it for the list’s sake.

The lady gave me a cup to get my tea while she made my shake. It was very fast, probably two minutes tops. I saw that she was using protein powder, which I’ve never had before. I was impressed with the tea at that point, and couldn’t wait to try the shake. My total was $6.75, which I thought was reasonable, given the size of the shake and the tea, and that I was getting a shake AND tea!


Several more people had come in, and were immediately greeted. Everyone was very cheerful and friendly; the shop definitely had a very positive atmosphere. I could tell that most of the people were regulars, which gave me hope that my shake would be delicious. I thanked the lady, and left. Once I was in the safety of my car, I took a sip of the shake. It was UNBELIEVABLE. It tasted just like brownie batter! I ran my errands and drank my tea and my shake. They were insanely good.

IMG_4466 IMG_4467

But, by the time I got home and finished both drinks, I felt awful. My stomach was really crampy, and I really wanted to lay down. Also, I was still hungry. One of my dance girls had mentioned that the shakes were a meal replacement, but I definitely wasn’t feeling that way. I felt awful for a few hours, and I was NOT happy about it. The shake was really good, and I had planned to go back, but not if it made me sick. But, I wouldn’t be blogging about it if the shake made me sick, would I? That’s the reason this post is late… I decided to give The Healthy Hub another chance, just to be sure. I went back this past Friday on my way home from work. I got the same tea and the same shake, and they were both just as delicious as the first time. This time, no upset stomach and I was full afterwards. I’m not sure what happened the first time…I do sometimes have a sensitive stomach in the morning, so I’m wondering if that’s why I felt bad. Regardless, I’m a fan of The Healthy Hub. The drinks are delicious, the price is reasonable, and the people are so nice. While I don’t plan to go often (I don’t love to drink my meals), I’m glad that I have a healthy option for lunch when I’m at work.

Quad Citians, have you tried The Healthy Hub? What did you think? Has anyone else had experience with healthy shakes? I’d love to hear about it! Tell me about it below!