8. Figure out your 30 minute jump start routine- Part 2!

Happy Monday! Before I start, can I just say that I am kicking ass on this whole “blog every week” thing?! This is my fourth week in a row, and I can confidently say, I don’t think that’s ever happened before. I’m on a roll and I’m loving it. Ok, now on to the important stuff…

I’ve developed a “Parks and Rec” addiction. I refused to watch it for years, because everyone told me I’d love it…so naturally, I needed to hate it on principle. But everyone was right. I do love it. I love Leslie and Ann. I love Leslie and Ben. I love Rob Lowe because he’s freaking Rob Lowe. I’ve burned through the first 5 seasons in about two months and I’m halfway through season 6, which is as many seasons as Netflix has. I’m going to be screwed when I finish it, and have to wait forever for the 7th season. Fair warning: you aren’t going to want to talk to me when that happens. I probably need to select my next Netflix binge show to hold me over…any and all suggestions are welcome. Just don’t tell me that I’ll love it. We all know how that will go.

So, as promised, I did round 2 of my “30 minute jump start routine” today. It went a lot like the first time around, with a few small differences:

  1. I didn’t need to brush my teeth, because I already had earlier.
  2. I decided to wear contacts today, rather than glasses.
  3. I decided to wear my hair up.
  4. I was, and I can’t stress this enough, GROSS. I had done a 2 mile power walk and was nasty. Nasty. See?


    Me, laying on the floor, because I’m disgustingly hot.

I did encounter a few setbacks today…soap in the eye, losing a contact in my eye, basically anything that has to do with my eye…but I made it!


And I looked cute, too!


So, I’m 2 weeks down, with 2 weeks to go. I still need to pull this off with straightening and curling my hair, but I know I can do it. If I can pick out my clothes in under a minute, I’m pretty sure I can do anything. 🙂

I’d still love to hear about your morning routines. What do you do? How long does it take? Comment below!

Until next time,



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