25. Watch a sunrise and a sunset in the same day

Guys, I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but 2017 is kicking some serious ass so far! The highlight (less than 48 hours in) was going to see “Fantastic Beasts” while wearing my Newt Scamander coat, with a wand in my wand pocket. (Yes, my coat has a wand pocket.) I think that’s pretty much the definition of living the dream. I’ve also had some solid friendship time, ate a lobster grilled cheese, saw “La La Land,” and started working on choreography for “In the Heights.” Hopefully, this is a sign of an awesome year.

So, before I jump in to #25, I have a bit of an announcement…I’ve decided to give myself an extension on my list. If you’re keeping track, I have less than 3 months to finish my list and over half of the list left to complete. I really don’t want to half-ass anything on the list, so rather than rush through things, I’m giving myself an open deadline. When the list is done, it’s done. If that takes one more year, great! If it takes five, awesome! If I decide to wait until I’m 50 to complete #17…ok then! The list is supposed to be fun, not a source of stress, so there you have. And now, on to #25…

I initially tried to complete this on December 21, 2014. It would have been my grandma’s 74th birthday- she had passed away December 1st- and I wanted to do it as a way to honor her. Unfortunately for me, the weather had other plans, and the entire day was overcast. Sigh. So…I waited, until October 5th, 2016. As I mentioned in my 2016 recap, I’ve been taking a leadership class on Wednesday mornings twice a month. Class starts at 7:30am, so I generally leave my house between 6:45 and 7:00, depending on where I’m stopping for coffee. I went for Atomic that morning, and I was driving along 53rd Street in Davenport, I was able to catch an awesome sunrise.

I was really excited to have caught such a wonderful sunrise, and was lucky to get home in time for the sunset too. I was in the middle of choreographing a musical at Junior Theatre, so being home after work was a rarity. Unfortunately, you couldn’t see the sun very well from my back deck, but I did my best.

So, was there anything special about this day? Yes, actually. That was the day I drew my 5 year plan, and decided to commit to it. All in all, a really good day. 🙂 One more item crossed off the list, which means I’ve got 14 things done and 16 more to go!

Until next time,



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