In many ways, my list is a never-ending source of positivity. I love learning new things and the feeling of accomplishment I get when I check something off my list is AWESOME. But, just like anyone, I need a boost every once in awhile. Here’s a few places, outside of the people I know and love, where I get that inspiration..

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls


I follow Amy’s Smart Girls on Instagram and Facebook. An easy and fabulous way to remind myself of how great I am when I forget, or just a reminder to smile. 🙂

Rookie Notes


I love reading about Chelsea’s adventures and all the cool things she’s doing. Plus, she’s down to earth! When I get stuck or I’m feeling unmotivated about my list, it’s nice to look at what someone else is doing.

The School of Greatness


I’m hooked on this podcast! While some of the interviews don’t apply to me, I can usually get something out of each episode I listen to. This is my go-to when I need something to listen to on my walks. Thanks to my beautiful friend, Aubree, for suggesting this to me a year ago!


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