The One with the Year of Steph

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend was spectacular. Mine is just getting started! I’ll admit, I was pretty skeptical about my schedule change to Tuesday-Saturday back in September. But, I am actually loving my Saturdays! The staff is a different mix than during the week so that’s a lot of fun! I get a lot done, I get to see a ton of my volunteers, and I get to spend some time in the exhibits. It’s all good. I spent my Sunday in Iowa City with Mal and my dad. My mom is in Florida for a week, visiting my grandpa, so Mal and I called up my dad to see if he wanted to meet us for lunch. After some delish chicken pot pie and cheese curds at Cheddar’s, we walked the mall for about an hour. It was a lot of fun, and great to have time with them both!

So, if you checked out my 2015 Recap, I mentioned that 2016 is the “Year of Steph.” Since you’ll be hearing a lot about it, I figured I’d better explain what it is. 🙂 The Year of Steph is this:

*The year I *finally* consider my own happiness before that of others. It’s something I struggle with. Given the option, I tend to choose what I know will make others happy, even if that means making myself unhappy.

*The year I choose bravery

*The year I focus on how to make myself stronger- mentally, physically, and emotionally

*The year I pick adventures over my couch…although adventures on the couch are definitely welcome! (Hi, How to Get Away with Murder!)

*The year I learn

*The year I love

*The year I appreciate life for exactly what it is

*The year I tackle the 12 (yes, 12!) goals I’ve set for myself (A huge thank you to the lovely friends/family/framily that are holding me accountable!)

*The year I live positively

*The year I kick my list’s butt!

So that’s it…that’s the Year of Steph in a nutshell. I’m 3 weeks in and it’s going so well! I’m so excited about the possibilities this year has to offer. How is your 2016 going? What are your plans? Are you making it the Year of You? Let me know below…I’d love to hear about it!

That’s it for now…I’m off to a night of TV reruns, possibly some reading, and a very early bedtime…potentially within the next 45 minutes. Good night all!

Until  next time,